Eriko Jane Takeno (b. London, UK, 1990) grew up in Tokyo, JP. Eriko is an artist, researcher and poet. Her research focuses on the quality of art education in relation to mental health based on her own introspective experiences. Inspired by Federico Campagna who talks about vulnerability as an endless possibility for resolution in his book 'Technic and Magic' (2018), Eriko explores her own introspective experiences through her own art practice in order to discover ways for how fundamentally introspective experiences can help others in their healing process. She addresses her research with a variety of media such as poetry, moving image, installation, her artistic research method workshop and so on. The workshop has been developed collaborating with psychologists from Japan and Australia, and it has been run several times in Japan and Europe. She has exhibited her artworks several times in Europe and Korea, and her thesis was presented conferences in the USA and the UK. Her latest work 'Crafting Narrative' has been nominated to Helen Hamlyn Design Awards 2019, and she is one of the finalists of bang.Prix program 2020.
Eriko holds her BA in Arts in Literature from the Department of French Language and Literature, Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan, and MA in Information Experience Design, School of Communication at Royal College of Art in the UK. 
Rotterdam Photo Exhibition 'Transition', Rotterdam, NL (06 Feb - 09 Feb, 2020)
International Group Exhibition 'About Future' at LoosenArt, Rome, IT (6 Dec - 15 Dec, 2019)
Art Book Fair 'Printing Plant' together with installation work at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL (22 Nov - 24 Nov, 2019)
London Design Fair 'Design Research for Change' organised by AHRC at The Truman Brewery, London, UK (18 Sep - 22 Sep, 2019)
'Power' at CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea (31 Aug - 13 Sep, 2019)
Graduation show 2019 at Royal College of Art, London, UK (June - July, 2019)
'Ways to Experience' at Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK (June - July, 2019)
'Musical Offering' at Royal College of Music, London, UK (23 May, 2019)
Work in Progress Show at Royal College of Art, London, UK (Feb, 2019)
'See the Music' at Royal College of Music, London, UK (24 June, 2018)
'Exploded Stories' at Royal College of Art, London, UK (May, 2018)
Event organized by Block9, London, UK (Dec, 2017)
Zealous Stories: Sculpture 2020, Shortlisted
bang.Prix program 2020, Finalist
Social Art Award 2019, Shortlisted
Helen Hamlyn Design Awards 2019, Nomination
Korean Cultural Centre UK Open Call 2019, Finalist

Online Conference 'the 6th International Conference Design4Health2020 Amsterdam' hosted by DesignLab University Twente and Sheffield Hallam University (Jul, 2020)

'Crafting Narrative: Poetic thinking for healing: Alternative healing method inherited from Black Mountain College'

Conference 'ReViewing 10' at University of North Carolina, Ashiville (Oct, 2018)

'A quality of Spiritual Tool from Black Mountain College in digital era for the Hikikomori phenomenon'

Conference 'Design4health' at Sheffield Hallam University (Sep, 2018)

'A quality of educational philosophy in Black Mountain College in digital era for Hikikomori phenomenon'

Online Proceedings 'Design4Health 2020 Vol.4'
edited by Kirsty Christer, Claire Craig and Paul Chamberlain, Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University
Exhibition Catalogue 'About Future', by LoosenArt, 2020

'Design Research for Change Showcase 2019 Catalogue'

edited by Professor Paul A. Rodgers, AHRC Design Leadership Fellow at Lancaster University, UK

'The Social Art Award Book 2019 ~We are the People - Peaceful Revolutions '

edited by Institute for Art and Innovation e.V.


Looiersgracht 60. as a part of Art Book Fair 'Printing Plant' together with the installation work. Amsterdam, NL (22 Nov, 2019)

Waterman Arts Theatre. as a part of TRAJECTORIES II EXHIBITION 'TECHNOLOGY NEBER SLEEPS' London, UK (Feb, 2019)

Kyodo District Hall. Tokyo, JP (Aug, 2018) 

Shinshu University, Department of Computer, Science and Engineering Course. Nagano, JP (Jul, 2018)

JCFL, JA course. Tokyo, JP (Jul, 2018)

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