'The figureless shadow', 2020, digital print of calligraphy work, 5 images (A4, 210x210mm)

The original collection titled 'The figureless shadow', composed of 19 poems and drawings, was dedicated to the art book project 'For the new' (Feb 2022) commissioned by FOMALHAUT DESIGN, artists Mami Grace Osada and Keita Christopher Osada.


The project initially started as an experimental healing project where one's metaphysical journey intertwines with the other. In this collection, in particular, I have focused on the healing power within poetry as a visual symbol.


Photo by Yujia Liu ( Jo ) at 'formalis', The Bottle Factory, London, UK|Sep 2021

Photo by Diyou Yu at 'formalis', The Bottle Factory, London, UK|Sep 2021