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‘Crafting Narrative’ introduces poetic thinking as an alternative healing tool from anxiety.


Italian theorist Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi says;

the poetical act is a revelation of a possible sphere of experience not yet experienced (that is to say, the experienceable)

(2019, pp,21)

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This appendix book invites readers to experience healing aspect of poetic thinking and artist’s own journey to develop the alternative tool to meaningfully share her personal exploration with others. Departing from her own introspective-experiment with making a collection of poems called ‘Soma_’ for her own anxiety, she has developed her workshop ‘Sensory Multimodal Workshop’ and it had been run several times in Japan and UK. Collaborating with psychologists in Japan and Australia, she has found that somatic aspect in poetry and process to reflectively use both internal and external space of one’s body with poetic thinking help to deconstruct traumatic narratives in anxiety and craft them into new narratives. Alongside the poetry book ‘Soma_’, this appendix book shows the internal and external process within her journey with her anxiety.

Special thanks to

Yoko Arai, Clinical Psychologist(JP) and Lutza Ireland, Psychologist(AU)

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