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'The figureless shadow'

digital print of calligraphy work, 5 images (A4, 210x210mm)

The collection titled 'The figureless shadow', composed of 4 poems and a drawings, celebrates the healing power within poetry as a visual symbol.


Photo by Yujia Liu at 'formalis', The Bottle Factory, London, UK|Sep 2021


In this collection, I have focused on the healing power within poetry as a visual symbol. 


The colour green as a meeting point of the sky and the sun is the source of the whole collection. Choosing calligraphy as a medium to experiment with the colour allowed me to explore my own healing journey and experiment with how to share my personal experience symbolically with others.  


Photo by Diyou Yu at 'formalis', The Bottle Factory, London, UK|Sep 2021

Initially commissioned by FOMALHAUT DESIGN, the collection of 19 poems titled 'The figureless shadow' and several drawings have been produced through the collaborative process with an artist, Mami Grace Osada from FOMALHAUT DESIGNBeing inspired by a quantum physicist, Karen Barad, the collaborative process started as an experimental healing project where one's metaphysical journey intertwines with the other's. 

'…what I call a diffractive methodology, a method of diffractively reading insights through one another, building new insights, and attentively and carefully reading for differences that matter in their fine details, together with the recognition that there is intrinsic to this analysis is an ethics that is not predicted on externality but rather entanglement. Diffractive readings bring inventive provocations; they are good to think with. They are respectful, detailed, ethical entanglements.'

- 3. “Matter feels, converses, suffers, desires, yearns and remembers” Interview with Karen Barad, P.3

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