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Sensory Multimodal Workshop
Space as Medium, Poetic Thinking as a Tool


|About Workshop|

This workshop invites audiences to experience poetry as mode of thinking, and aims to offer an alternative healing tool for anxiety, which is often triggered by traumatic and  somatic thoughts. eriko developed her workshop ‘Sensory Multimodal Workshop; Space as Medium, Poetic Thinking as A tool’, as a way to share with others her own introspective exploration of poetry as a therapy for anxiety. In the workshop, participants are invited to develop a mindful approach to their own perceptions of the physical environment, and to communicate their experiences with the rest of the group. The workshop unfolds as a triple process of observation, visualization and discussion.


The idea of this workshop started from combination of the field of Sociology and Educational Philosophy by Josef Albers, a Bauhaus Master and one of the faculty members at Black Mountain College. Working in collaborating with psychologists in Japan and Australia, eriko has developed a method of somatic thinking through poetry, which, by activating a mutual connection between the internal and external spaces of one’s own body, allows the practitioner to deconstruct traumatic narratives of anxiety and to shape them into new narratives. 


With the poetic thinking in this workshop; being more mindful to our perceptions, having a back and forth connection between internal and external body space, and practice to reflect on those experiences, the workshop would enable participants to listen to their personal value system and accelerate their more autonomous engagement with their subjectivities. It is hoped to be a help not to be overloaded by external information in a era of rapid technological use.

Special thanks to Yoko Arai, Clinical Psychologist(JP) and Lutza Ireland, Psychologist(AU)

|System diagram of the workshop|


|Previous Workshop History|

Please look for documentation of the past workshops here

Contact me if you are interested in running one at your institution or community or for any other different purposes. 

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