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dried plants, bleach liquid, water  Size: 20×13 (2017)


'eternity' is a material research project. When my grandmother had passed away, she started to live inside myself as memories even more strongly than before she had died. This image shows dead plants' picked up from street, being beautifully re-flourishing and reviving of their shapes and structures, which metaphorically tells the moment starting of new life in a different shape once we die.

This is an image showing after I poured liquid-bleach in dried and wasted plants, and my fallen-hair with active protein inside to see how our body could physically be connected to plants. This process reminded me of how we treat deceased persons before funeral with taking some time to say good bye and pray.

The project had started with a question; how people can be connected more physically to plants. We have millions of “hikikomori” in Japan, which made me wonder whether we can see plants like our family or friends if we have more physical bounds. 


Rotterdam Photo 'Transition' at Laurenskerk Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL|Feb 2020

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