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For the new (Feb 2022)

art book project commissioned by FOMALHAUT DESIGN, @mami_grace_osada and @keitachristopherosada 

In this project, I was commissioned as a ​concept designer and translator of Japanese poems by @mami_grace_osada. This included a process of energy reading of photography works produced by her and @keitachristopherosada. 

Alongisde these work, I have contributed a collection of 19 poems titled 'Figureless shadow', several drawings and analogue photography work. 

Images will follow soon.

[About the project]

The project #forthenew initially started as an experimental healing project where one's metaphysical journey intertwines with the other. The entanglement brings a new healing experience to one another.

By the model @mami_grace_osada and photographer @keitachristopherosada, a series of photography works have been produced over the years. Eriko then has read the energy of their photography and woven a story of the healing journey out of all the pictures. Her poems will be integrated there in the editorial process by the Fomalhaut Design, and the book will be published in 2022.

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