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poetry work commissioned by Leah Mentzis @leahmentzis July, 2020

The quotes below are from the RCA Online Degree Show 2020.


"Her most recent work focuses on using qualitative research methods to learn about human-landscape interactions. Her work has been influenced by anthropologist Tim Ingold, particularly ‘The Temporality of the Landscape’ (1993).

Being unable to travel to conduct research due to the coronavirus pandemic, she spent the last months thinking about alternatives to 'face to face' qualitative research with specific groups. She has also used this time to collaborate with illustrators and writers in order to make research and findings visually engaging and interactive."

Leah says "The North Somerset Heirloom is a research project studying human-landscape interaction. This research focuses on the region’s coal-mining past and industrial landscape, using qualitative research methods."


She continues "Reflecting on my research, I collaborated with artists to create unique pieces for this project and studied possible developments for a world post-pandemic."

"How can I create an experience through research? Eriko Takeno wrote a poem based on the North Somerset Heirloom, Jacob Courtney then drew an illustration of the poem. Communicating research visually and poetically is a way of engaging people in local history. These collaborations have made the production of experiential elements possible. The poem can be recited by the local community and recorded, echoing the songs sung by miners centuries earlier." 

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